How To Whiten Teeth Fast

There are several ways that a person is going to be able to whiten their teeth fast. The first way is to try to dip a dishcloth into some hydrogen peroxide. Then the person is going to need to rub their teeth with the dishcloth. The hydrogen peroxide is going to help to lighten some of the stains that a person might have on their teeth. Plus the rough texture of the dishcloth is going to help to scrub away those stains from the person’s teeth.

The second way is to use the at home whitening strips. Believe it or not, these strips are really going to work on removing some of the stains from a person’s teeth. Most of the time, the dentist is going to tell you to use the whitening strips about six hours after you have brush your teeth. Plus your teeth are going to need to be very dry before you apply the whitening strips.

The third way is to use a whitening toothpaste instead of your regular toothpaste. But the whitening toothpaste is not going to be strong to remove some of the old stains from a person’s teeth on its own. But they can help to get rid of new stains with the main ingredient called silica. Therefore, a person is going to need to use the whitening strips or something like that with the combination of the whitening toothpaste on a daily basis.

The fourth way is to make sure you wear a lipstick that is blue-based or a lip-gloss. The blue based lipsticks are colors like cherry red, wine, and a berry color. They are going to make the teeth look whiter than they actually are. When a person uses a matte lipstick, then their teeth are going to look very dingy so it is very important to stay away from those type of lipsticks especially when a person wants their teeth to look whiter.

The fifth way is to make sure that you brush your teeth after each time that a person has eaten a meal. Of course, most people are going to do this but a person is going to be very surprised about what a big difference it could make in the color of their teeth. A lot of people will put a disposable toothbrush in their purse so that they can brush even when they are on the go.